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ILAI Member: Marvin Williams Username: freedom4u2

 Members Training & Resources
Please Read and Go Over ALL Of The Information Here

Welcome Marvin,

On this page you will find step-by-step training to get the most out of your Instant Leads and Income prospecting system. It's crucial for you to get familiar with each section before you do anything.

First order of business: You are on YOUR personal CODED Training Page now. Bookmark this page right away. ===>   

Let's get started...

We understand you're probably eager to get started, but before you do please make sure you have ALL of your Username and Affiliate IDs updated correctly in the system by going to your "Profile Update" section...

Menu Tutorials:

  • Profile Update - This is where you make changes to your PayPal payment email address along with the optional Income streams Username and IDs so that you get credited if any of your downline members decide to join one or all of the Income Streams.
  • Referral Links - Here you will find your Capture & Sales Pages URLs
  • Co Op Advertising - Done for you marketing.
  • Upgrade - Automate your marketing efforts using auto-responder capture pages with professional follow-up  messages.
  • Ad Copy - Email creative's and text ads
  • Banner Ads - Banner advertising ads
  • Facebook Fan Page Setup - How to use Facebook free fan pages to create a funnel marketing system.
  • Marketing Resources - Learn how to use Safelist Marketing, Traffic Exchanges Marketing, FREE Classifieds Marketing, Forum Marketing and Social Network Marketing
  • FREE Rotator System - Advertise ALL of your websites using one URL link. You MUST use the same username: freedom4u2 as your ILAI account when creating your rotator account to get the free Pro upgrade to have unlimited rotators.
  • Income Streams - Multiple ways you earn a Daily, Weekly and Monthly Income by LEVERAGING the Instant Leads and Income System! Marvin, make sure to update your Username and ID for each program to get maximum results. You can earn up to $116.45+ income per referral that duplicate the setup of all the programs in this system from your links on complete autopilot :-) !
  • PayPal Custom Logo - How to create a custom check out log for your PayPal sales.
  • Bonus Downloads - Your free bonus downloads valued at over $300.00
  • Support Center - Help and Support Center.. Please REPORT ALL UNPAID members ASAP if you get a notification from the ILAI system and there is NO payment in your PayPal account for that member.

What to Do When You Make a Sale!

So you've placed some ads and you're starting to get leads and paid sign-ups, but now what do you do?

It is your "JOB" to make sure that each person receives access to the registration page after they made a purchase from you. The Instant Leads and Income system is 100% automated only when your prospects follow the instructions on the sales page and click return to merchant or sell after completing their purchase. You are REQUIRED to send them the following pre-written email below giving them access to your ILAI new member registration form page.

Since you will get notifications that you've received a payment from PayPal, you will have the email address of the person that just paid you. ALL payments are 100% Member to Member we DO NOT get to see them. You should try to send this email to them as quickly as possible.  Try to do it within 20 minutes of the completed order and absolutely no later than 24 hours!

Here is what you need to send:

Email Subject: RE: Your InstantLeadsandIncome.com Membership Purchase

Email Body:


Thank you for your purchase!

Please follow the steps below to complete your registration.

How-to Access The Step-by-step Instructions On Setting Up Your
Instant Leads and Income Marketing System.

===> http://instantleadsandincome.com/r/freedom4u2/getting_st.html

Your Partner For Success,

Marvin Williams

Secret to Success

The secret to success is simple. Once you start don’t stop and never quit. The biggest mistake people make is quitting too soon. If you joined some of the safelists that we suggest as a free member and every 3 days sent 1,000 emails for a total of 10,000 emails sent and nobody joined your business would you quit? Well you sure as heck shouldn’t because you can keep sending those free emails forever. Do it for a year for example and you’d have sent over 120,000 emails so sooner or later you will find a few people who do what you do and it will change your life. Make sure to read the article Understanding List Building for a better understanding.

 Working For Your Success

InstantLeadsandIncome.com Support

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